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Episode 54 - Arif Khan (CEO + Co-Founder of Alethea AI): Making NFTs Intelligent

af Show Me The Crypto | Udgivet 1/14/2022

Arif Khan is CEO and Co-Founder of Alethea AI. As inventor of the iNFT protocol, Arif is leading Alethea AI's mission of building an intelligent open metaverse, which is filled with intelligent and interactive NFTs. His main focus is preserving and evolving the culture and collective intelligence of the human species. --   Support our show with some ETH: showmethecrypto.eth Our "OG Fan" NFT is here! There will only ever be one of this version... and you can be the owner! --   Follow Arif on Twitter: @ArKhan Follow Alethea AI on Twitter: @real_alethea --   Follow us on the socials:   Twitter: @showcrypto TikTok: @showmethecrypto Instagram: @showmethecryptopodcast   --   * While we may hold coins/NFTs of some of the projects we talk about, we will never accept payment to feature any guest or highlight any cryptocurrency.

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