Episode 167 SCRAPS by NRBQ with Amos Pitsch (of Dusk)

Spinning Out (another music podcast) We talk to artists about their favorite albums and go on wild tangents. This week on the pod I'm joined by Amos Pitsch of the band Dusk, and also of Tenement. We talked about NRBQ's 1972 album, "Scraps" We chat about the history of the band, the definition of power pop and branching out with your songwriting. So, if you're coming here as a big NRBQ fan, then just to note, there's tons we don't know about the history of the band. This chat is really more about our shared experience with discovering NRBQ. Speaking for myself, I'm a pretty new fan, somehow only really digging in over the last three or so years. Right after my chat with Amos I watched this very informative A&E piece on the band that really fills in a lot of holes we both had during our conversation. And if you're pretty new to the band yourself, I'd highly recommend that piece, if just for the hi-jinks the band pulls during it. Another piece worth checking out is Connie Chung's piece on the band from the late 1980s. With all of that said, I had a lot of fun catching up with Amos and really loved his band Dusk's newest album, Glass Pastures. Check it out now on Don Giovanni Records. https://countrydusk.bandcamp.com/album/glass-pastures Subscribe to our Patreon here: www.patreon.com/spinningoutpod Follow us on social media -- twitter and instagram (@Spinningoutpod)

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