Episode 177 SUCCEEDING/RECEDING by MILK with Neil Mauney (of Late Bloomer)

Spinning Out (another music podcast) We talk to artists about their favorite albums and go on wild tangents. This week on the pod we're joined by Neil Mauney of Late Bloomer. We're talking about Milk's second album, "Succeeding/Receding." We also chat about the other band Milk, skateboarding videos, Jackass, CKY, Big Brother and about underrated classics that you should really check out. Late Bloomer has a new album "Another One Again" out right now. Check that out on Self Aware & Dead Broke Rekerds. latebloomer.bandcamp.com Also, check out Neil's solo songs over at familyfriendnc.bandcamp.com and his instrumental work at flightrecorder.bandcamp.com. And if that's not enough, Neil also plays in Wes & the Railroaders, who are supposed to have new music out this year!! Subscribe to our Patreon here: www.patreon.com/spinningoutpod Follow us on social media -- twitter and instagram (@Spinningoutpod)

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