Episode 181 S/T by RAMONES with Mike Maple (of Liquid Mike)

Spinning Out (another music podcast) We talk to artists about their favorite albums and go on wild tangents. This week on the pod we're joined by Mike Maple of Liquid Mike. We're talking about the Ramones' S/T 1976 debut album. We chat a lot about our mutual love of the band and how it seems like people aren't really listening to them as intently as they should be. To put it simply, the Ramones still rock and you should revisit. We also chat about long songs vs. short songs and just doing what feels authentic to you. Liquid Mike just released a new album called "Paul Bunyan's Slingshot." https://liquidmike.bandcamp.com/album/paul-bunyans-slingshot Subscribe to our Patreon here: www.patreon.com/spinningoutpod Follow us on social media -- twitter and instagram (@Spinningoutpod)

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