Adepticon 2024 Part 3 of 3 - Day 4 Review

As we close out our discussion on Adepticon 2024 Age of Invasion and Age of Viking was the final day. We discuss our warbands and some of our experience around the trip. Thank you for sticking with us and we cant wait to get back to sharing our experience with Saga and tactics used. Thank you again to Steven H., Stephen H., and Charles!

Om Podcasten

Saga from Studio Tomahawk is a miniature skirmish game that is easy to learn and difficult to master. This Podcast will cover a deep nuanced conversation about the tactics and flow of the game. Episodes will be made about once a month and be a round table discussion on a single topic. Members of the podcast will be from the local group here in Kansas City Metro Region in the United States. Join us as we create a manual for war on the Saga table!