Tactics Episode 7: Feeling a little woozy

An exhausted unit is a dead unit in Saga. Fatigue is arguably the most important thing to understand in Saga. Learning how and when to use fatigue is an exercise in both art and science. We take a different style of discussion with minimal direction to allow us to just talk about this deep topic. I am thankful to bring Luke and Stephen back on to talk about some of the ways they think about and use fatigue.

Om Podcasten

Saga from Studio Tomahawk is a miniature skirmish game that is easy to learn and difficult to master. This Podcast will cover a deep nuanced conversation about the tactics and flow of the game. Episodes will be made about once a month and be a round table discussion on a single topic. Members of the podcast will be from the local group here in Kansas City Metro Region in the United States. Join us as we create a manual for war on the Saga table!