Crypto Art 101 with Blake Finucane

In this episode I interview Crypto Art scholar Blake Finucane. If you know nothing about Crypto Art - even if you’ve never heard those two words being used together in the same phrase - no worries. We’re covering the very basics of this thing. What is it? Where did it come from? Who is doing it? Blake is so wonderful and smart so even if you have no interest in Crypto Art I recommend listening just to experience her particular brand of loveliness. Mentioned in the show: Blake Finucane on Twitter  CryptoGraffiti, Nakamoto  Primavera de Filippi, The Plantoid  CryptoPunks  SuperRare  Marcel Duchamp, Tzanck Check  CryptoKitties  Andy Warhol, The Factory  Tate Modern, Collaboration Artory   Codex  OpenSea, A Marketplace for Crypto Collectibles  Ai Weiwei / Kevin Abosch, Priceless 

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