Harry Ran Away To Hawaii And Met Chad & JT

Fresh off his trip to Maui, Harry sits down with Chad aka "Chad Goes Deep" and JT. They are comedians and activists known for their hilarious city council pranks. Follow: @HarryJowsey @Chadgoesdeep @Jtparr14 @AbbyRoberge @TapinclipsPlease Supports Our Sponsors:RAYCON --- Go to buyraycon.com/tapin to get 15% off your Mother’s Day order! --- https://bit.ly/3JiXDSM MANSCAPED ---- Get 20% off + free shipping with the code TAPIN at https://www.manscaped.com/Subscribe to our YOUTUBE!https://linktr.ee/TapInWHarryJowsey

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Listen up, you naughty little chickens! Dating, sex, and relationships in your twenties—it’s messy, confusing, and sometimes you just want the male perspective. That’s where Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey comes in. Every Tuesday, Harry Jowsey lets you in on what the male brain is thinking—he’ll break down all of your relationship questions and situations in a manner that only Harry can bring. He’ll give you his honest advice on your friends-with-benefits situation, that late night text, or whether that fuck boy from your past even deserves a second chance. Candid, hilarious, and always ready with a story, he’ll tell you like it is before commiserating with you by sharing his own embarrassing dating anecdote. So listen to Boyfriend Material with Harry Jowsey every Tuesday to land the guy—or walking red flag, absolutely no judgment here—of your dreams.