305 | Knowing what makes you exceptional

Feeling down, frustrated, or in need of a pick-me-up? Today’s episode is PERFECT for you.  It’s all about how to identify, and truly connect with the things about you that make you exceptional.  If you have troubles believing you’re talented, and if you tend to fixate on the negative things about yourself (vs. the positive), you absolutely must listen to today’s episode.  Learning what makes you exceptional, and truly owning your gifts will change not just your career, but your life.   I hope you enjoy.   P.S. Wanna get in touch?   Follow me on Instagram - @theartofspeakingup Come say hi on LinkedIn:https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-guzik-32428239/   Check out my website: https://jessguzikcoaching.com/

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The Art of Speaking Up is a podcast that empowers professional women to achieve their wildest career goals by helping them strengthen their voices and find their inner power. The show aims to motivate, entertain, and remind working women that no matter what they might be struggling with, anything is possible for them in their careers. In addition to providing strengths-based professional empowerment, the show curates practical career advice on topics like career advancement, goal setting, job searching, stress management, salary negotiation and more.