#229 - Fearless & Far (Mike Corey): HUNTING BABOONS WITH THE HADZA, Shipwrecking In Angola, Satan's Castle, Triple Ayahuasca Dose, & Relationship Goals

On this episode of The AUXORO Podcast, Mike Corey, aka Fearless & Far, discusses hunting baboons with the Hadza of Tanzania, stealing scrap metal with Angolan Shiprweckers, getting shot at while camping in Satan's Castle, what it feels like to be on a triple dose of ayahuasca, how to make relationships work alongside adventure, and more. Guest Bio: Mike Corey (Fearless & Far) is an adventurer, BBC television host, and filmmaker. Mike is also the co-host of the show 'Against The Odds,' which showcases thrilling moments of survival that push human resilience to the limits.

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