#247 - Judah Akers (Judah & the Lion): BATTLING THE 5 STAGES OF GRIEF, The Firefly Flashing Incident, Kendrick Vs. Drake Beef, College Baseball Stories, & Meditation Myths

On this episode of The AUXORO Podcast, Judah Akers (Judah & the Lion) and Zach discuss the five stages of grief and how they inspired the band's latest album (The Process), washed-up college baseball stories, whether or not the Kendrick-Drake beef has inspired Judah & the Lion to start band beef of their own, an incident at one of the band's earlier shows that caused Dad's to cover their daughters' eyes, busting myths about meditation, and more. Guest bio: Judah Akers is the lead singer and guitarist of Judah & the Lion. The band's latest album 'The Process' is out now on all streaming services.

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