True Crime Underground: Lori Daybell Cult Mom Conversation with Carl Danger

Celene Beth and True Crime Underground's, Carl Danger caught up this past week to discuss their experience in Julie Rowe's Seminar, as well as discussing The Church of the Firstborn and the dangerous side of Lori, Chad, and Julie's belief system. To join the True Crime Underground: Lori Daybell Cult Mom Facebook group, please find the link below.:

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The first season of The Chosen Ones focuses on the mysterious case of the doomsday cult obsessed mother of two previously missing children, JJ and Tylee. While looking at the key players of this case, it becomes evident Lori and Chad Daybell are a part of a religious cult that derives from the fundamentals of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Join Celene Beth as she investigates the truth behind the murders of Charles Vallow, Tammy Daybell, JJ Vallow, and Tylee Ryan.