Episode #56: Introducing the New Hosts – Ushering In The Future of The Coach's Journey

What do we do when faced with big decisions about the future? How do we get in touch with our intuition and trust in the choices we make? The Coach’s Journey Podcast has been at a crossroads and in this episode Robbie announces some exciting new developments that will shape its future. He also introduces some very special guests, who are not just guests! These guests – Neil Mackinnon, Joey Owen, Ruth Saville, Alex Swallow and Alex Whitton – are in fact the new team of hosts who will be helping Robbie to evolve The Coach’s Journey Podcast. This evolution includes the podcast becoming fortnightly in 2024, and having five amazing coaches join Robbie in hosting episodes. We all hope these changes will take everything that’s good about The Coach’s Journey and build something even greater on those foundations, helping to deepen our work, reach more people, and serve the coaching community more powerfully and effectively than ever. Each new host has a passion for coaching that is evident in this episode. They know Robbie's work and the podcast inside out, and will bring their own unique approaches to the interviews and guests that feature on the podcast in 2024 and potentially beyond. This episode is a chance to meet the new team, but it’s about much more than that.   In this episode, we also talk about: How to get in touch with your intuition to help you solve problems The power of podcasts to empower us and help us feel less alone Why the Coach’s Journey has mattered so much to each of the team How being on purpose can change our energy about a project Indra's Net and how changing just one person changes the world We also take a journey through the history of the podcast, highlighting each member of the team’s favourite episodes, and reflecting on moments where authenticity, warmth, honesty and ordinary human qualities made the podcast accessible, powerful and meaningful. For more information about our new hosts, use the following links: Alex Swallow: http://alexswallow.com/ Neil Mckinnon: https://neilmackinnon.net/ Ruth Saville: https://www.daretorise.co.uk/ Alex Whitton: https://www.exploregrowbe.com/ Joey Owen: https://joeyowencoaching.com/ For information about Robbie’s wider work, his writing or to buy his books, visit www.robbieswale.com. Music by My Good Man William: listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4KmeQUcTbeE31uFynHQLQg To support the Coach's Journey, visit www.patreon.com/thecoachsjourney and to join the Coach's Journey Community visit www.thecoachsjourney.com/community. 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