Episode #63: Jo Wright – We Can Make Things Better, But We Have To Do It Together

Jo Wright admits she had to get her dad’s permission before deciding on No More Sh*t Managers: Seven Steps to a Coaching Culture as the title of her book. Thankfully he agreed and the book has made Jo a bestselling Amazon UK author as her message about the power of a coaching culture spreads to people and organisations around the world. In this episode of The Coach’s Journey Podcast, Jo tells host Alex Swallow about the foundational experiences in early life that instilled her with a belief in the positive change that can happen when people have better conversations. She describes the life-changing conversations that have shaped her career, from managing a small team and noticing her flair for mentoring, to co-founding a coaching business and magazine that helped propel the industry forward by creating digital coaching solutions. Jo’s book is a love letter to humanity, and what shines through in this episode is her desire to help as many people as possible, by making sure that coaching – and the life-changing experiences it offers – is for everybody. Having embedded coaching cultures in some of the world’s biggest organisations, she is succeeding in her aim quite spectacularly.  In this episode, Jo and Alex also talk about: The human development that takes place when training as a coach How far we can go when we’re willing to be vulnerable The fundamental importance of maintaining hope that things can be better The value we invest in ourselves and how our clients experience our personal growth and self-development Jo also shares some invaluable advice about getting your work out into the world, generously opening up about the steps she took to reach her audience.

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