Episode #66: Ruth Saville – How to Be a Rebel, Misbehave More and Set Your Sights on Being a Master F***ing Coach!

Would you like to have more fun while still working in your zone of genius? Are you concerned you might need to shake things up to avoid becoming a boring coach? Ruth Saville’s advice to coaches everywhere – including herself – is: misbehave more. Listen to your inner rebel. Dance in the moment and create systems that work for you. Since the COVID-19 pandemic forced Ruth to step back from her successful performing arts franchise and examine the toll her work was taking on her life, she has followed her inner seeker into the world of personal development and coaching. In this episode of The Coach’s Journey Podcast, Ruth takes Robbie back to the small towns in the north of England where they both grew up, retracing the steps of a life and career that began with a focus on helping people to express themselves through dance, theatre and music. Ruth, who is one of the new hosts of this podcast as well as her own show, Women of a Certain Age, is now focusing on working with emerging leaders in all fields, having arrived in her zone of genius, taken her own approach to mastery, and become anything other than boring.  In this episode, Ruth and Robbie also talk about: Big hairy audacious goals (BHAGs) Cults, pyramid schemes and other perilous industry pitfalls How to accept who you are, in order to know what you can do Ways to market yourself without exploiting others Taking a step back to spot the signs of burnout Ruth also grapples with the models and methodologies that can fuel or frustrate new coaches and unpacks problems that have plagued certain sections of the coaching industry, making important distinctions about the ways in which different practitioners work. For more information about Ruth, visit https://www.daretorise.co.uk/ . For more information about this episode’s host, Robbie Swale, visit https://www.robbieswale.com/. Read more about The Coach's Journey at www.thecoachsjourney.com. Music by My Good Man William: listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/4KmeQUcTbeE31uFynHQLQg To support the Coach's Journey, visit www.patreon.com/thecoachsjourney and to join the Coach's Journey Community visit www.thecoachsjourney.com/community. 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With 20+ years experience of being self employed she is also an entrepreneur, having grown and scaled a successful franchise business. After 16 years Ruth decided to sell this business to allow her to work full time as a coach. With an extensive background in arts education and a self confessed personal development fanatic, she brings all this experience together to offer her clients transformational coaching. Her practice is made up of an eclectic mix of private clients, organisational and corporate work as well as supervision and coach skills training. Recently Ruth has also been working with new coaches, focusing on developing both themselves and their businesses.  She is comfortable working in a high challenge, high trust relationship and has been described as a down to earth Northerner, a title she is more than happy with! She brings a sense of humour and a light touch to her work, which she sees as a valuable tool in the coaching relationship. Ruth firmly believes that the idea of play, fun and creativity can create an expansive and transformational coaching environment. 

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