Gabby Reece: Consistency, Divorce Papers & Epic Marital Victories

Welcome to the Coop, where today we're hanging out with none other than the sensational Gabby Reece! She's not just any beach volleyball player—she's a three-time All-American, Olympian, the first female to cut a Nike shoe deal, and a New York Times Best Selling Author. Oh, and did we mention she's smoking hot and graced the covers of Elle, Shape, Women's Sports & Fitness, and even Playboy?In this episode, we're diving into the rollercoaster ride of Gabby and Laird Hamilton's marriage, discovering how they've weathered the storms and emerged stronger than ever. Gabby's secret sauce? Consistency. From keeping it loose in life to staying strong in body and mind, she's got it dialed in—complete with scheduled sex every other day! Plus, she's giving us the lowdown on tackling the next chapter of life, including facing the empty nest, dialing up her career, and contemplating a little plastic surgery (when the time is right).Get ready to soak up Gabby Reece's wisdom as she shares her journey with clarity and truth. --Follow us on social media @thecoopwithkithoover for behind the scenes content, teasers and updates. Keep up with Gabby Reece on Instagram @gabbyreece and check out her amazing podcast, The Gabby Reece Show, wherever you listen to podcasts. This episode was produced by Kit Hoover and Harper McDonald. Our Technical Producer is Christian Brown, and this episode was edited by Christian Brown. Business Development by Casey Ladd.-- To learn more about our sponsors:Blue Delta JeansCustom fit jeans for you. Use Blue Delta’s easy measurement process and get in the best jeans you’ve ever owned. code: COOP20 for 20% off.BUBS NaturalsStart you day with all the amazing BUBS Naturals products for added focus and stamina. Living Better Longer. code: COOP20 for 20% off.LOHLA SportLook sharp on and off the golf course in LOHLA Sport. European design for the American Sporting Lifestyle. code: COOP20 for 20% off.Follow The Coop with Kit on Instagram @thecoopwithkithoover

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