How Fashion can Support Identity, Creativity, Healing and Self-Love in Eating Disorder Recovery, with Anne Richardson

Anne Richardson returns to the podcast to talk about how fashion can help in eating disorder recovery. She explores how it can help rebuild lost identity; how what we wear has a profound impact on how we feel and how Anne's wardrobe has become a manifesto, as opposed to a way of hiding or conforming! I hope that you enjoy the episode.   To find out more about Anne:   Instagram: - @theeatingdisordernutritionist   Anne's previous episodes on this podcast can be accessed here: -   This week's sponsor - Amber Romaniuk:- Go to to sign up.   Or direct click here:   Harriet Frew's current offers: - Online 10 Steps to Intuitive Eating Course with Harriet Frew - 50% off with code FREEDOMISPOSSIBLE   Eating Disorders Training for Professionals   Body Image Training for Professionals    

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