Katy went to Le Pen's party so you didn't have to

Iiiiit's French election week! Katy spent the big night at Le Pen HQ. This week, in a Europeans first, Dominic and Katz turn the microphone on our resident French person to ask: what just happened? And could Marine Le Pen really become France's first far-right president? We're also talking about the soaring cost of housing (again) and the European microstate that just pulled off an LGBTQ+ world first. You can listen to Cody Hochstenbach calling for a revolution in housing policy here and find the latest figures from Eurostat here. And you can read here about why microstates have often been slow to catch up on LGBTQ rights. Isolation Inspiration: 'Free' by Lea Ypi and Große Freiheit (Great Freedom). 02:07 Bad Week: Housing costs up AGAIN 04:49 Good Week: San Marino's world-first LGBTQ+ head of state 10:22 Interview: Katy on the French election 28:09 Isolation Inspiration: 'Free' by Lea Ypi and Große Freiheit (Great Freedom) 30:31 Happy Ending: Making the most of the Greek sunshine Thanks for listening! If you enjoy our podcast and would like to help us keep making it, we'd love it if you'd consider chipping in a few euros / dollars / pounds a month at patreon.com/europeanspodcast. You can also help new listeners find the show by leaving us a review or giving us five stars on Spotify. Producer: Katy Lee, with thanks to Katz Laszlo and Wojciech Oleksiak Music: Jim Barne and Mariska Martina This podcast is part of the Are We Europe family. Find more like-minded European podcasts at areweeurope.com/audio-family. Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | [email protected]

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