Solar-Powered Scrolling

Kris de Decker's balcony in Barcelona is nice and sunny. Which is just as well, because a website depends on it. This week we chat to Kris, co-founder of Low-Tech Magazine, about why he built a solar-powered website and how human history can inspire modern environmental solutions. We're also talking about foie gras, faux gras, and bringing EU and non-EU Europe together. You can check out the solar-powered version of Low-Tech Magazine's website here. This week's Isolation Inspiration: 'Today in Focus - The Wagatha Christie case'; 'Multiples: 12 stories in 18 languages by 61 authors'; this vegan foie gras recipe; Impact from Les Glorieuses, a feminist newsletter in English and French. Thanks for listening! If you enjoy our podcast and would like to help us keep making it, we'd love it if you'd consider chipping in a few euros / dollars / pounds a month at You can also help new listeners find the show by leaving us a review or giving us five stars on Spotify. 03:23 Good Week? Macron's big new idea 12:09 Bad Week: Foie gras 20:09 Interview: Kris De Decker on building a solar-powered website 34:38 Isolation Inspiration: 'Today in Focus - The Wagatha Christie case' and 'Multiples' 38:04 Happy Ending: Italy's women footballers go pro Producers: Katy Lee and Wojciech Oleksiak, with thanks to Katz Laszlo  Music: Jim Barne and Mariska Martina This podcast is part of the Are We Europe family. Find more like-minded European podcasts at Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | [email protected]

Om Podcasten

Each week we trawl the continent of Europe for the most interesting stories to cover and the most fascinating people to interview. This semi-serious, semi-silly, Brexit-free show, from a reporter in Paris and an opera singer in Amsterdam, will make you seem clever to friends and make you feel like you've got two NEW friends in Katy and Dominic. You probably didn't realise you needed a European podcast in your life, but this will fill the gap that you didn't even know was there.