A Nation Under Our Feet

By the time we reach 2016, the Black Panther has experienced decades of adventures, fought countless villains, and teamed up with many of Marvel’s mightiest heroes— however, in Ta-Nehisi Coates' run, we find T’Challa struggling to define himself as a person, as a Super Hero, and as a leader of a world power. Far from the swashbuckling adventures of the character’s origins, this Black Panther is a ruler with a heavy burden. Ta-Nehisi Coates flips the paradigm on the character and finally puts the expectations of a people on its king. Can he live up to it?

Om Podcasten

An exploration into the comic book origins of Black Panther via conversations with the creators who have shaped T’Challa’s journey, a celebration of the Afro-Futurism of Wakanda, and the worldwide social impact of the character. Hosted by author Nic Stone.