24: If You’re Over 40, Do You Really Need IVF?

If you’re approaching (or over) the age of 40, is IVF really the answer to your fertility problems? If you’re feeling the pressure to jump into fertility treatments – or perhaps you’ve already been through several rounds of IVF, then this episode is for you. Special guest, Monique Cormack, will be taking you through the truth around trying to conceive in your 40s.If you’re in your late 30s and early 40s, you’ve probably noticed you’re being bombarded with messages about declining fertility ra...

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Do you feel like you've tried everything to fall pregnant but nothing seems to help?You've tracked your cycle, timed sex perfectly, switched up your diet, seen all the specialists but it still hasn't happened...While most fertility podcasts focus on current tips to help you fall pregnant, Your Journey to Fertility covers the latest scientific research - but we also go deeper into your mindset, your subconscious & the more "woo-woo" ways you can support your body & your baby. There are countless modalities that are scientifically proven to help increase your fertility - nutrition, supplementation, mindfulness & Eastern medicine to name a few. But there's also an element to conceiving your baby that goes beyond what we can see - and this is where the spiritual side of fertility support comes in.Welcome to Your Journey to Fertility - the only podcast that blends both science & spirit to give you all the tools you need to navigate your fertility journey. For over 15 years, Jennifer Edmonds has been guiding women on their journeys to motherhood and beyond. She is the leading authority on mind-body programs for fertility support and assisted conception.Jennifer has helped hundreds of women trying to conceive:Move through the pain & frustration of infertilityReclaim joy in their lives & their relationshipHeal their connection with their bodiesGet a positive pregnancy test after believing it would never happenThis podcast is here to help you do the same.So join us each week and start Your Journey to Fertility right now. Hit follow & let's dive in.