Leighton Smith Podcast #228 - February 28th 2024 - Jonathan Roth

Canadian Jonathan Roth, founder of Resource Wars, recently recorded an interview with the former Mossad Chief Efraim Halevy. He did not get the answers he was expecting. Roth maintains that "progress and wealth are impossible without resources. All empires rise and fall based upon access to resources. He provides perspectives on investing, global politics, technology and the future. We critique NZTA’s plans to restrict citizen's rights to free movement, while simultaneously hitting us in the pocket. And we visit The Mailroom, with Mrs Producer. File your comments and complaints at [email protected] Haven't listened to a podcast before? Check out our simple how-to guide. Listen here on iHeartRadio Leighton Smith's podcast also available on iTunes:To subscribe via iTunes click here See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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After 33 years behind the Newstalk ZB microphone, Leighton can’t give it up completely. There were so many requests to continue his opinionated commentary that the prospect of podcasting was born. So, without restriction, Leighton continues to serve up on everything you want to hear about and some things you don’t. Stand by to be enlightened, educated and enraged!