Supply Chain 2030 with Ron Crabtree

Ron Crabtree and Joe Lynch discuss Supply Chain 2030. Ron is the Founder and CEO of MetaOps & MetaExperts, a global network of operational excellence rockstars ready to tackle your toughest challenges. They'll diagnose your problems and get you back on track, fast. Summary: Supply Chain 2030 In this podcast, Joe Lynch and Ron Crabtree delve into the critical challenges and trends shaping the future of the supply chain industry. They discuss the importance of digitalization, automation, and AI readiness in transforming supply chain operations. The podcast also explores the impending labor shortage crisis and the need for organizations to focus on lean techniques, automation, and becoming an employer of choice. Additionally, the role of social responsibility in supply chains and the importance of technology in ensuring visibility and adherence to standards are addressed. The podcast provides valuable insights from both shipper and logistics service provider perspectives, and highlights the solutions offered by Meta Ops and Meta Experts in solving complex supply chain challenges. #TMSAElevate2023 #SupplyChainChallenges #EmployerOfChoice About Ron Crabtree Ron, CIRM, MLSSBB,CSCTA, CPOE is the founder and CEO (2002) of MetaOps™ & MetaExperts™Inc. he is an internationally recognized expert in leading-edge business process improvement methodologies. He is a Master Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, a Certified Supply Chain Transformation Architect and also an expert in effective change management, facilitation and communications. Ron draws on more than 30 years’ experience in implementing Lean, Six Sigma, Supply Chain and other “best practice” methodologies as both an insider and as a consultant in many international industries including insurance & financial services, state/local government, medical/healthcare, automotive assembly plants, complex manufacturing, process manufacturing, repair operations, printing, injection molding, consumer goods, distribution/retailing, and software and more. About MetaExperts MetaExperts is a global network of Operational Excellence (OpEx) deployment experts and resources for flexible, on-demand short-term contract or contract-to-hire needs. MetaExperts align with industries and OpEx initiatives and are thoroughly vetted through their unique 300+ Screening and Evaluation Processes, and aligned to organizations using a 47+ alignment process to ensure companies get the right talent to solve their specific situation. Key Takeaways: Supply Chain 2030 Learn about the major operational challenges facing the supply chain industry over the next 5-6 years. Discover how Meta Ops and Meta Experts provide top talent solutions for tangible goods-oriented organizations. Understand the importance of long-term consulting projects in providing insights from both shipper and logistics service provider perspectives. Explore how companies can address the numerous challenges in digitalization and automation within the supply chain industry. Recognize the growing significance of social responsibility and the role of technology in ensuring supplier adherence to standards. Learn strategies for organizations to combat the forever labor shortage, including lean techniques, automation, and becoming an employer of choice. Timestamps (00:00:44) Supply Chain Challenges of the Future (00:01:43) Solving Big Business Problems with Expertise (00:03:07) Consulting Projects: Short-Term to Long-Term Engagements (00:05:16) Solving Supply Chain Challenges with Experts (00:08:49) Leveraging Experienced Talent in Supply Chain (00:17:07) Navigating the Digital Transformation Landscape (00:24:04) ESG Practices and Technology Challenges (00:25:22) Navigating ESG and Supply Chain Responsibility (00:29:17) Navigating Digital Transformation in Supply Chain (00:33:02) The Forever Labor Shortage (00:36:58) Combating the Forever Labor Shortage (00:43:05) Meaningful Work Matters Most (00:45:30) Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Shifts (00:50:16) Adapting to the Changing Workforce Landscape (00:52:33) Preparing for Supply Chain's Future Challenges (00:56:55) Diagnosing and Solving Supply Chain Problems (00:59:30) Engaging with Supply Chain Leaders Learn More About Supply Chain 2030 Ron Crabtree | Linkedin MetaExperts | Linkedin MetaExperts MetaPod Driving Operational Excellence Book Episode Sponsor: TMSA TMSA - Transportation Marketing & Sales Association TMSA ELEVATE - Transportation Marketing & Sales Summit Building a Freight Sales & Marketing Community | The Logistics of Logistics Episode Sponsor: Revenova Contact Us | Revenova The CRM-Powered TMS with Michael Horvath | The Logistics of Logistics The Logistics of Logistics Podcast If you enjoy the podcast, please leave a positive review, subscribe, and share it with your friends and colleagues. The Logistics of Logistics Podcast: Google, Apple, Castbox, Spotify, Stitcher, PlayerFM, Tunein, Podbean, Owltail, Libsyn, Overcast Check out The Logistics of Logistics on Youtube

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