On the Front Lines w/The Eastern Border (preview)

Hey everyone. After the recent Thoughts On Ukraine episode, I thought it would be a good idea to bring someone on the show who has a different perspective. Kristaps Andrejsons is a Latvian journalist, writer, and the host of The Eastern Border podcast - one of my go-to podcasts for Russian, Soviet, and Eastern European history for many years. He is a fluent Russian speaker, and provides insight that you’re simply not going to get on CNN or Fox News. That said, he and I have very different interpretations of the recent history between the West & Russia, and this discussion was a great start at getting to the bottom of our disagreements. So, those of you who have been pining to see me get my ass handed to me by someone on this issue, maybe now’s your chance! This is a preview of a Substack subscribers-only episode, so if you can spare $5 a month to help me buy kibble, I'm sure my cats, and certainly I, would really appreciate it. Follow him on Twitter for regular updates on the current Russian-Ukrainian war, and check out his website and podcast for longer form analysis.

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