Navigating College Life with Birds, Parrot Rescues, and Wing Clipping

Join us as we chat about avian companionship, from the challenges owners experience to wing clipping and everything in between, including the responsibilities of having birds as a college student. Alex from Green Wings and Things shares what it's like to work at a parrot rescue and what types of parrots show up the most. This episode offers insights, advice, and more on quakers, cockatoos and budgies!🥦 Parrot Nutrition Guideline: 💻 Helpful Blogs: https:/...

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Hi, I’m Sandra! Welcome to the Parrot podcast, where we talk all things parrots! Whether you're a new parrot owner or a seasoned bird enthusiast, this podcast is for you. We aim to provide valuable information to help you care for your birbs!Join us as we discuss a wide range of topics, including diet and nutrition, toys and cage setups, health and enrichment, training tips, and much more. We'll share our knowledge and expertise to help you give your parrot the best possible life and help you be the best parront you can be!Some episodes will feature interviews with experts in the field, as well as real-life stories and experiences from me and parrot owners like you. I believe that by sharing our collective knowledge, we can create a community of informed and compassionate parrot owners.So, whether you have a conure, cockatiel, macaw, budgie, african grey or any other type of parrot, join us on the Parrot podcast and let's learn together how to give our feathered friends the best care and love they deserve!