#204 The Power of Persistence & Resilience in Achieving Your Financial Goals

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim dives deep into the winning mindset for financial success! We'll explore the powerful duo of persistence and resilience, unpacking how they help you conquer setbacks and reach your long-term financial goals. We'll also chat about the importance of staying positive, building a supportive community, and learning from the journeys of others. Are you looking for a community to encourage you as you begin, or want to accelerate your business to the next level? Then join thousands of physicians who share the same journey of creating their ideal lives through multiple streams of income by joining us in our Facebook communities such as Passive Income Docs and Passive Income MD. Like what you heard? Subscribe and Rate Us!  Eckard Enterprises brings this episode to you. Eckard Enterprises, LLC, is a family-owned and operated alternative investment and asset management firm, specializing in mineral rights and the U.S. energy industry. Eckard believes that owning tangible assets is one of the safest, long-term investment strategies available in today’s investment climate. Click here to learn more about Eckard Enterprises.

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How do I create multiple streams of income? How do I invest in real estate? In the Passive Income MD podcast, Peter Kim, MD, shares proven strategies and tactics to answer these questions to create your ideal life.