#212 Building Wealth with Luxury Vacation Rentals

In this episode, Dr. Peter Kim delves into the world of building wealth with luxury vacation rentals, featuring a special guest, Philip Kang of Wandery Capital. Join us as we explore the advantages of investing in vacation properties and exclusive benefits for PIMD investors. Tune in for valuable insights on wealth-building through luxury short-term rentals! Are you looking for a community to encourage you as you begin, or want to accelerate your business to the next level? Then join thousands of physicians who share the same journey of creating their ideal lives through multiple streams of income by joining us in our Facebook communities such as Passive Income Docs and Passive Income MD.​ Wandery Capital brings this episode to you. ​Wandery Capital, an investment firm specializing in luxury short-term rentals, is launching its second short-term rental fund, offering a passive income opportunity. Exclusive for PIMD readers, Wandery Capital's Fund II highlights include annual distribution targets of 8-10% (first payout: Q1 2025), cash-on-cash returns of 10-12%, a gross IRR target of 25%+, an investor-preferred return of 8%*, an equity multiple of 2.8x+, and a 5-year investment term. Like what you heard? Subscribe and Rate Us!

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