6 Elements of a Productive Day – TPW477

Fitting these 6 elements into your day can help you lead a more productive (and fulfilling) life Usually toward the end of the year I do an episode in which I talk about doing a year-end review. I started to do that for this week, but decided to go another direction. I do recommend a year-end review and plan for the coming year, so if you want some ideas for that, check out episodes 379 (Who Will You Be This Time Next Year? Setting Goals That Matter), episode 378 (Laying a Foundation: Lessons Learned), episode 170 (Taking Care of Future You), and episode 70 (Laying a Foundation for a Great New Year).  This week I thought I’d share with you some thoughts I’ve been having about what I want the coming year to look like and some of the elements that I think would let me feel that a day is truly productive. Honestly, it might not be possible to include every single one of them every day, but if I can achieve them most days or at least several days throughout the week, I’m going to feel pretty good about my level of productivity. 1. Responsibility Doing the necessary; this is the work we do, both for pay and in our home. This is the stuff we think of first when we think of being productive--the tasks on our to-do list. This is a lot of what we talk about on this podcast when we’re looking at productivity--all the skills and tools we can use to get things done most effectively and efficiently.  2. Rest  Self-explanatory; taking care of our bodies and minds by getting enough sleep and rest are necessary to enable us to do any of the other things we need and want to do, and to enjoy the life we make for ourselves and those we love. For those reasons, I believe rest is a necessary component of productivity.  3. Reflection Defined as “serious thought or consideration," reflection is necessary for living intentionally rather than simply reacting to what life throws at us. Time to reflect on our choices, our words, our schedule, our task list, and our commitments. Thinking about what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. 4. Recreation (“re-creation”) Doing something fun, something we find restorative and energizing. This is different for everyone. It might be time spent reading a good book or puttering in the garden or crafting or hiking; it might be dinner with friends or playing tennis or antiquing. Anything that’s fun for you. For many of us, this doesn’t happen unless we are very intentional about it. Personally, my time tends to fill up with the first two (responsibility and rest) and recreation is something that I keep thinking I’ll pay attention to when work settles down--which it never does.   5. Relationship A productive life--a life that matters--almost always matters in relationship to people. If I take care of my responsibilities but don’t share love, laughter, and support with the people I care about, then I don’t feel productive. More than just doing stuff for them, spending time with them, conversing, and creating memories (big and small) together, all are necessary components of a productive day/week for me, and require intention and attention.  6. Compassion This is defined as sympathetic pity and concern for the sufferings or misfortunes of others; it literally means to suffer together. Extending compassion--that is, feeling it,

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