Can Guys & Girls REALLY Be Friends??? (Fake Friends, Falling Outs & Being F*cked Over)

This week on The Salice Rose Show, Salice and her guest sit down and discuss the value of loyal friendships and the importance of prioritizing those friendships. Both making and keeping friends can be difficult as adults for many reasons. It is important to know the difference between a friendship worth fighting for versus the one that you need to have the strength to walk away from, because it may no longer be for you anymore. In addition, Salice and her guest get into the controversial debate of whether girls and guys can actually be “just friends” without ulterior motives and without it affecting their own relationships and friendships, alike. Listen in as they uncover old wounds related to friend fallouts, their causes, and how the process of losing old friends has led to the implementation of boundaries within their existing friendships- both old and new. The Salice Rose Show is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for children. This content may contain adult themes, explicit language, and sexual subject matter. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are the speaker's own.

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