Is No Sex Better Than Bad Sex?

Welcome to The Salice Rose Show! Join entertainer, Salice Rose, as she dives head-first into today’s most trending and debatable topics. In episode 1, she discusses the importance of intimacy, what bad sex is, how to predict if someone will be bad at sex, what to do when you’re faced with bad sex, and how to handle those brutally awkward moments that follow whether it’s with someone who’s a fling or even your partner. Tune in as Salice and her guest revisit those uncomfortable moments while sharing personal and comedic details from their own sexual experiences. Get to know Salice on an entirely different level, and join her for an unfiltered and eye-opening experience as she addresses all things sex from sexual likes and dislikes to vibrator-induced orgasms.The Salice Rose Show is intended for mature audiences only and is not suitable for children. This content may contain adult themes, explicit language, and sexual subject matter. The views, thoughts, and opinions expressed are the speaker's own.

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Follow along with entertainer, Salice Rose, as she dives head-first into life’s most relatable topics while sharing her own personal experiences and incorporating her own raw and comedic twist. Join Salice as she unlocks the door to a more personal and adult experience as she strips away all social media filters and challenges all of the normative expectations of society. Listen in on exclusive, never-before heard secrets and experiences from Salice Rose, herself, that will include personal relationship details, sexual openness and empowerment, challenging and emotional mental health conversations, perspectives regarding the latest drama, and the most intriguing and all-around organic experience imaginable. New episodes every Wednesday.