Cash & Kate on Saving Kissing for Marriage, UTIs & Getting Engaged in High School

Cash and Kate discuss saving kissing for marriage, dealing with UTIs, and getting engaged in high school. Tune in for their unique journey and insights! This episode is sponsored by Huggies, DoorDash, Factor and Claritin. Huggies: Baby Butts Rejoice! New Huggies Skin Essentials are here. Learn more at DoorDash: Sign up for DashPass today and get your first 30 days free if you’re a new member. Subject to change. Terms apply.  Factor: Head to and use code UNPLANNED50 to get 50% off your first box plus 20% off your next month.  Claritin: Go to for a discount so you can Live Claritin Clear.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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“Unplanned” dives into genuine conversations surrounding relationships & family. The show is hosted by high school sweethearts Matt and Abby Howard, who live in Phoenix, AZ with their two boys.