Are Mommy, or Daddy, Issues Real? | Nancy McWilliams

Nancy McWilliams is a legend in the field of mental health. Joe and Nancy discuss a few mental health buzzwords ("abuse," "psychotic," "schizophrenic") that, through overuse and misuse, have lost their meaning. They also discuss whether "mommy issues" or "daddy issues" are real, if/how Nancy and Joe are able to turn off their therapist brains when hanging out with friends, and exciting developments in attachment and mother-infant research.

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Gaslighting, Narcissism, ADHD. 6 signs you’re neurodivergent. Are you autistic? These are just some of the mental health buzzwords popping up all over your feed these days. Is it real? Or are we just seeing the start to a mental health industrial complex? Joe Nucci is a psychotherapist seeing his industry devolve into psychobabble right in front of our eyes. Join Joe as he speaks to experts in his field and outside of it, as we decipher what kind of mental health information is helpful for you and what isn’t.