How to *Not* Treat Teen Depression | Darby Saxbe

Clinical psychologist and researcher Darby Saxbe, of the University of Southern California recently penned a fascinating New York Times op-ed Op Ed called "This is Not How to Help a Depressed Teenager." Like Joe, she has concerns about the pathologizing of normal problems of living that so many people in our culture do these days--particulary teenagers, who are highly tuned into the people around them. ("Everyone's got a mental health problem, so I must have one, too," is a common calculus many teens and adults make.) Understanding the biological underpinnings of social relationships is one of Professor Saxbe's prime focus areas. She and Joe dive into all of it, making for an episode that is rich with illuminating dialogue about mental health and mental health culture--regardless of whether or not you know a teenager.

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Gaslighting, Narcissism, ADHD. 6 signs you’re neurodivergent. Are you autistic? These are just some of the mental health buzzwords popping up all over your feed these days. Is it real? Or are we just seeing the start to a mental health industrial complex? Joe Nucci is a psychotherapist seeing his industry devolve into psychobabble right in front of our eyes. Join Joe as he speaks to experts in his field and outside of it, as we decipher what kind of mental health information is helpful for you and what isn’t.