Is "Concept Creep" Making Mental Health Stigma Worse? | Dr. Nicholas Haslam

Dr. Nicholas Haslam and Joe discuss the process by which harm-related topics can sometimes start to be defined more expansively, and the implications that expansion has on how we talk and think about mental health.

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Gaslighting, Narcissism, ADHD. 6 signs you’re neurodivergent. Are you autistic? These are just some of the mental health buzzwords popping up all over your feed these days. Is it real? Or are we just seeing the start to a mental health industrial complex? Joe Nucci is a psychotherapist seeing his industry devolve into psychobabble right in front of our eyes. Join Joe as he speaks to experts in his field and outside of it, as we decipher what kind of mental health information is helpful for you and what isn’t.