Hanson | From Teen Pop Sensations to 20+ Years of Independent Music [ft. Lia from "The Ashlee & Jessicast"]

Just in time for Hanson Day 2024! Ana is joined by Lia from The Ashlee and Jessicast to discuss Hanson. We discuss if Hanson is considered a boyband, as well as get into Lia's fan origin story and dive a bit into most of their discography. We also discuss how awesome the Hanson fandom is!

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Connecting with a pop group when we're young is often one of the most defining moments of our lives, but why are we so afraid to talk about it? This podcast is devoted to exploring the importance of pop music, including the music of boybands. It’s also a critique of society looking down on music many genuinely enjoy. Fans of boybands (consisting of mostly women and LGBTQ+ folk) often feel a stigma if they express their admiration for certain groups. Additionally, despite their talent & popularity, no modern boyband has won a Grammy. We explore all this on This Must Be Pop.