#1: Dr Scott's unconditional love story for Betty

Welcome to Unconditional Love Stories!    Practicing Vet, TV personality and host of Unconditional Love Stories Dr Scott Miller made the front pages in August 2020 when on live TV he opened up about the loss of his beloved pooch Betty.  In this episode Scott speaks to Ordained Animal Chaplain Kaleel Sakakeeny. They talk about about Betty, the grief and loss of losing a beloved pet, and were both able to really open up about what our animals mean to us.  In this powerful introductory episode we get to the heart of what Unconditional Love Stories is all about and also grab a sneak peek on what to expect in the weeks ahead as Dr Scott talks to Hollywood royalty, actual royalty and many many more guests about that experience of unconditional love that unites us as pet parents. ------------ Sponsored by Front of the Pack - dog supplements led by love, backed by science. Learn more at www.fotp.com Thank you to Cofruition 

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There’s nothing quite like the unconditional love between you and your dog. Unconditional Love Stories is a new, original, and heartfelt podcast presented by vet, broadcaster, and loving dog owner Dr Scott Miller. Dr Scott talks to celebrities and pet parents from all backgrounds with extraordinary stories of companionship with topic ranging from: mental health, pet nutrition, overcoming paralysis and even becoming a pet influencer on Instagram and TikTok If you want to explore and celebrate the unique bond between humans and dogs, then this is the show for you!