#6: Cruella Producer Kristin Burr on the adventures of Roscoe

Whilst working at Disney for many years, Kristin Burr used to sneak into the office her adorable pooch Roscoe. It soon came to be that everybody loves Roscoe. This episode is actually a conversation of old friends: Kristin met Dr Scott in London where he performed surgery on Roscoe whilst Kristin was producing her latest Hollywood film. The pair talk about Kristin's adventures with Roscoe: how she rescued him, his cheeky personality, and how he brings a smile to everyone's face, even when leaving a little "poo surprise"! Scott also speaks with Dr Kaleel Sakakeeny to discuss the grief that can come from owners losing their beloved pets. Roscoe is getting old, and Kristin is preparing how she will eventually say goodbye. This episode contains fun stories of Hollywood A Listers and their dogs, as well as the inside scoop on Kristin's upcoming movie Cruella (the prequel to 101 Dalmatians). ------------ Podcast production by Cofruition // Intro music credits: "That's My Boy" by David Francisco // Learn more about Front Of The Pack at https://fotp.com/

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