A Canticle for Leibowitz

We get to a ‘Big Question’ in each episode, but we’re really tackling the *BIG questions* with A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr. this week. This one’s heavy, folks. Even for us. Expect conversation on whether humans are doomed to bring about their own suffering, whether knowledge always leads to our destruction, and if there is a case for forgiving, and thus blaming, God for making people suck. But also, you know, what relics people would venerate if we were up for canonization, so that’s fun!  Find us on Facebook and Instagram at Unramblings, on Twitter at @UnramblingsPod, and on our website at MarkCollington.com/Unramblings. Email us with feedback, questions, and suggestions at [email protected]. Continue the conversation on social media with #Unramblings!      Please rate and review wherever you listen, as it helps more people to find the show. Recommendations and shares are good, too.       Show Notes:    Washington State University - Study Guide for A Canticle For Liebowitz 

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