Episode 37 - JESSE COLTEN: The Xcalak Episodes - Part Two of Two

The second episode of the two-part sit-down with the owner of XFlats Lodge, Jesse Colton.In part one, Jesse and Waypoints host Jim Klug discussed the southern Yucatan fisheries of Xcalak and Chetumal Bay, the challenges of owning a saltwater lodge, Jesse’s personal obsession with permit, and how to build a career in the fly fishing industry. In part two, we focus on the specific subject of Xcalak permit fishing, and Jesse goes deep on his own angling philosophies, opinions, and permit fishing techniques. The episode then wraps up with short interviews with a number of on-location XFlats guests as they finish a week at the lodge: sharing their perspective on the fishery, what worked well for their week, and discussing some of their general take-aways.- View all podcast episodes by going to the WAYPOINTS podcast page- Discover your next fly fishing adventure by going to the Yellow Dog website

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