Weaving Your Web

Episode 7: Lessons and Gifts of our Collective Healing

af Weaving Your Web | Udgivet 3/18/2020

In This Episode: - A short meditation for grounded presence and receptivity - The Divine orchestration of the Corona Virus in relation to the Crown Chakra, triggering mass collective consciousness shifts - Bat Medicine - Confronting fear of the unknown, death, and letting go of control to allow for new life to grow - The scarcity wound - Healing separation to cultivate greater unity within this collective, the Earth, and Spirit. - The Earth's cry for our return to Her - The gift of stillness as a portal for profound healing - Creating space for desire and the heart to redirect our focus to dreaming up new realities. - Suggestions for creating an at home healing retreat to be your own healer and deeply nourish yourself in this time of transformation through isolation. - Starting or deepening a meditation practice, sun medicine, nourishing your nervous system, intuitive eating, earthing. holding space for your emotional process, journaling, and letting out the wild feminine. - Plus an announcement for a new 1:1 offering now available for booking.

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Ashley River Brant, Artist, Writer, Medicine Woman and creator of Soul Tattoos (TM) brings you “Weaving Your Web”, an ever evolving space for expression that weaves together honest storytelling from the spirit-led path, elemental wisdom, guided meditations, and more that may inspire and support you to creatively weave the web of your life, reclaiming your power, embodied in your truth, with your heart as your North Star.