EP:21 Elle's Story: Purpose and meaning, through trauma and healing

We are excited to welcome you to a very special episode of Wildly Worthy, where co-founder Elle Louise Mcbride takes us on a life journey and reflections of healing, growth, and transformation.Throughout this episode, Elle shares vulnerably about her lived experiences, the trials she's faced. Through it all, she has come to realise that we cannot change the past, but we can change how we feel about it.*Trigger Warning: This episode contains discussions of sensitive topics, including suicide a...

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Welcome to Wildy Worthy, the podcast that empowers you to live your best life. Join the co-founders of The Enlighten co - Elle Louise Mcbride and Ella Worsley, as they dive into inspiring conversations, exclusive insights and tell-all stories from women who have chased their dreams, taken risks, and live life on their own terms. The Enlighten Co’s mission is to provide an intentional, supportive and transformative environment where people can heal, grow, and create a new reality for themselves. Through this podcast, Retreats and Online Programs we empower women to break free from limitations and become physically, emotionally, and psychologically limitless. Whether you're looking to go on a journey of self-discovery, reconnect with yourself or grow your confidence, the Wildy Worthy Podcast has got you covered.