The Story of Bigger, Better, Bolder with Jennifer Cohen

Are you ready to unlock the secrets to achieving your wildest dreams? Today, we're joined by a powerhouse: a multiple-time best-selling author, entrepreneur, educator, and host of the 'Habits and Hustle' podcast. She's here to reveal the transformative power of boldness in asking for what you desire—and actually attaining it.This is the Story of Bigger, Better, Bolder with Jennifer Cohen.EPISODE VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS▪ Watch the Entire Episode▪ How to Be Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable▪ Discov...

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We all have incredible healing stories within us. This is the podcast that sits down with patients, doctors and experts in the field of medicine in an attempt to share those compelling stories and experiences of people influenced by and/or leading the way to a whole new way of looking at medicine and health. From the minds at Innovative Medicine - a company dedicated to changing medicine and the way we heal.