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En podcast af: Allma Skneian
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Bookings & Management Allma Skneian is a Brazilian Audio Designer and Dj Producer and Has been Living in Berlin for 6 years, his First Album debuted was in 2013 With Römer-Records. He Studied Sound Design at SRH Hochschule der populären Künste and at Souza Lima & Berklee Music Conservatory. In 2016 Releases With Berlin Exodus Collection, Vol. 1 Various Artists In 2018 Allma Skneian Announces Dinosaurs Ep Worldwide in his own Label Print Built-in Control Records and since then, Collaborates and Audio Design Tracks for some Talent Fashion Designers and Photographers Editorials and Exibitions in USA Like Natasha Kertes, Ema Savahl and Zula Khramov, and performed @Show0711 Berlin Fashion Week @Arena Club Glass Haus. Next Dates 28/07Allma Skneian @Radio Herz Blut Cologne 20/11 Dj Set Special Guest @Ravingfm Munchen 26/11 Guest Mix @Tanzgemeinschaft Underground #music #magazine & Next Gig 28/11 Radio Herzblut Köln On Beats Open Air Florianopolis City Brazil Arena Glashaus. Brunnen70 Show 0711 Berlin Fashion Week Wendel Club Cafe Zurmoebelfabrik Zur Fette Ecke Kreuzberg Madame Sata Kaffe Mitte Lounge