We're Home Because We're Home (Anathema Podcast)

Dear Anathema family We will beat this. This virus has no chance against the human spirit
Dear Anathema family We will beat this. This virus has no chance against the human spirit. Everyday I hear heartwarming stories of people coming together in one way or another for the benefit of the for the greater good. I can feel it in the air. To our beloved health care professionals across the world we send our most sincere thanks. And to all who are on the front line. We are very sorry that our “We’re here because we’re here” 10 year anniversary tour was postponed. Today is actually the exact 10 year anniversary of its release. Of course like many others our finances and prospects for the summer were devastated by the virus. Cancelling the tour has left us in a lot of debt. I was asked by our management to talk to you about how difficult this cancellation has been for us. We don’t have money anymore. Not to pay the road crew, the bus company, the merchandise costs. It was all broken by this cancellation. If you can stay with us this summer, we will have exclusive context of unreleased songs, versions from WHBWH, a podcast, and anything else we can think of to help us all get through this together. We cannot get summer jobs in this lockdown period. Therefore We are broke. We all have rent to pay. None of us own homes. The best thing we can do is interact with our fans and give you exclusive new content and ask, only if you can spare it then please make a donation via GoFundMe. This would be amazing and very welcomed by all of us. We realise that this is already having a massive finanical impact on everyone, so if you can't afford to, then don't worry, just stay in touch on our social media and enjoy the stuff we will be putting out over the coming weeks. There are also our tour shirts which are available via the Omerch WebStore. These cost so much money to make and we are looking at a big debt. If you can help us, we can help you. Together we will all beat this thing and look back on this one day, knowing we triumphed over a difficult and at time’s tragic situation. To our family in Italy in particular, we are sending you our best thoughts and will make a donation back to the relief effort there, if we can make a success of Go FundMe (gf.me/u/xrxt5p). Please be safe, be strong, and love one another. In peace, Daniel Cavanagh on behalf of the Anathema family and management. 20/03/2020