209: You’re Not an Angry Mom with Minna Dubin, author of Mom Rage: The Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood

None of us set out to become angry moms. We likely envisioned responding with warmth, patience, nurturing, and understanding. So when we experience mom rage, we wonder if something is wrong with us. But maybe we’re not the problem. Maybe the problem is the unrealistic pressure, expectations, and overwhelm modern moms carry.  Today, I’m joined by Minna Dubin, author of Mom Rage: The Everyday Crisis of Modern Motherhood to unpack how to stop viewing ourselves as “angry moms” and how to use our emotions to understand and meet our needs. Show Notes: https://bit.ly/42cCWTA  Book a Free 15 min Consult with a mom therapist: momwell.com  Follow Momwell on Instagram: instagram.com/momwell  Sign up for our weekly VIP Newsletter: momwell.com/newsletter  Register for one of our popular workshops and courses: momwell.com/shop  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices

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We often enter motherhood envisioning joy, nurturing, peace, and love. But the reality can blindside us. Nobody tells us about Mom Rage, overstimulation, intrusive thoughts, or other mental health struggles. Unfortunately, when we seek help, we might face a lack of support, a system that doesn’t put moms first, and a world that turns a blind eye to the challenges of motherhood. We’re here to change that. We believe that moms deserve access to community, support, and mental health literacy. If you’re struggling with motherhood, you’re not alone–and you’re not failing. On The Momwell Podcast, host and psychotherapist Erica Djossa teaches strategies to help you cope with the psychological and emotional load of motherhood and prioritize your mental health and wellbeing. Erica shares the best kept secrets of the therapy world and interviews other professionals (psychologists, pediatricians, psychiatrists, fertility specialists, lactation consultants, and more!) who provide their expertise to empower you on your motherhood journey.